Quality policy

The overall objective of our company is to meet the needs and expectations of the most demanding current and future customers by providing the highest quality products and services.

Food products packaged and distributed by "SAWEX Limited Liability Company" Foods Limited Partnership, safe food, produced in accordance with applicable law, subject to the employee ethics, safe and healthy working conditions, while respecting the environment..

We realize that in today's market, there is a need for the continuous implementation of new technological solutions, technical and organizational so that the quality offered by "SAWEX Limited Liability Company" Foods Sp. k. The products and services ahead of the competition.

The aim of the company is also strengthening its position in the domestic and foreign markets and achieve economic results, ensure its development.

In relation to all cooperating with the company entities adhere to the principles of business ethics.

These objectives are realized through:

  • implementation and continuous improvement of the IFS;

  • cooperation with partners, quality assurance and safety of supplies of raw materials in accordance with the emerging standards of quality "SAWEX Limited Liability Company" Foods Sp. k., verified by independent laboratories and relevant departments of quality control, optimally having certified quality management system and food safety;

  • continuous analysis measurement of customer satisfaction and to anticipate and exceed their expectations;

  • ensuring the best possible working conditions and professional development through a system of training and self-improvement, so that employees have the ability to function in a group of friendly and competent people;

  • full commitment of the management and all employees to jointly pursue a conscious policy of quality.

The Board "SAWEX Limited Liability Company" Foods Sp. k. provides all necessary precautions functioning and continuous improvement of the Quality Standard.

The Management Board ensures that the quality policy is known to all employees of the Company and they understood and implemented.

"The best way to develop high quality and innovation"          

Certificate IFS 21016 

Managing director

"SAWEX Limited Liability Company" Foods Sp.k

Aleksander Świętochowski