Legumes are considered to be one of the oldest human food. They were eaten as late as the Stone Age, Bronze and Iron Age. Then, however, they were not appreciated as much as they are today when we are aware of the principles on healthy eating. For this reason it is worth eating the topquality products and Halina-branded legumes (such as beans, peas and lentils) are undoubtedly such products.

Legumes instead of diet supplements

Legumes are an irreplaceable source of protein. Apart from that we will also find valuable carbohydrates and fibre which shorten the time of digestion and improves the entire digestive system. First of all, let’s eat them for pleasure. Legumes are a healthy and delicious diversification of our diet providing many opportunities to make culinary experiments.

The right preparation is essential

But prior to starting to consume legumes, they need to be properly prepared. To avoid losing valuable components and proteins they should not be salted earlier than 10 minutes before the end of cooking. You should also pay attention to the correct manner of preparation of some dishes because failing to follow recommendations can lead to digestive problems such as flatulence. A simple way to minimise this risk is to soak grains prior to cooking. Preferably for approx. 12 hours, so leaving them in water overnight will be the right thing to do. This method of preparation makes their skin become soft which facilitates subsequent cooking and then digestion. Legumes should not be cooked in the same water in which they were soaked. We may support the operation of intestines if we thoroughly chew over their grains.