The Halina brand offer includes up to 7 types of products containing the top-quality groats. You can choose out of the following groats: buckwheat, millet, barley, couscous, spelt or bulgur. Each and every person can easily choose any flavour which suits him/her best.

Groats – abundance of nutrients

Groats are nothing else than edible grains of cereals or pseudo-cereals. Grains at the initial stage of production are subjected to purification i.e. separation of their outer parts. Then they are polished, broken or crushed depending on their type. Grains of barley, oats, wheat, millet, rice or buckwheat are used for the production of groats.

It does not really matter what kind of groats you ultimately choose
because each of them contains a wealth of nutrients which are required for the proper operation of your body.

Groats used to be considered as primitive food eaten by poor and ill people, but eventually other groups in the society got convinced to it so that today it plays a relevant role for each and every housewife as well as healthy-eating enthusiasts.